Involved with future generations

Modern entrepreneurship means considering future generations. Smit Visual recognises the important role that manufacturers play in making our society more sustainable. That is why we make advances in this area daily. Not just in the area of sustainability, but across the full breadth of responsible entrepreneurship.
Local sources

01. Local partners

In terms of our production, we take into account the total distance that raw materials must cover. That is why our preference is to select suppliers within the Netherlands or Europe. For example, 98% of our most important suppliers currently come from Europe.

Besides, we are better able to keep the chain transparent with local partners. We maintain intensive contact to ensure suppliers adhere to our ethical standards. We engage in dialogue about themes such as waste processing, CO2 reduction and working conditions.

Reduce emissions

02. Reducing our environmental footprint


Every year, we implement numerous small and sometimes big measures to reduce our environmental footprint.

We are undertaking specific action to reduce our emissions. We compensate for the remaining emissions by planting forests. This happens via the globally recognised Trees For All certificate.

View the Trees for All certificate

3. Responsible use of raw materials

We must stop over-exploiting our planet. As an FSC®-certified manufacturer, we are able to demonstrate that the wood materials we use come from responsible forestry management. In addition, the wood throughout the entire chain is traceable from forest to end product. You can always contact us for more information about specific FSC labelling of products.

View our FSC certificate here


04. Good employership

As an employer, we are proud to be able to make a contribution to the Dutch (and European) manufacturing industry. Because the production process takes place in Geldrop in the Netherlands, we naturally uphold European legislation when it comes to working conditions. We respect the standards and values that apply to employee protection, safety, working hours and discrimination, amongst others.

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