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Custom solutions

We customise your bulletin board, whiteboard or projection board. For every space and application we will serve you with your custom demands. For optimal integration of your decor and presantation solutions. We make wall systems or panels to each specification. We combine sizes, shapes, materials and colors for businesses, schools and interior decorators.

Wide choice

We offer a variety of enamelled and lacquered steel writing surfaces in different colors and evrery usage different applications. Email writing surfaces are suitable for daily and intensive use. Our enamelled whiteboards are guaranteed for 25 years. The boards or panels are very suitable for fixed installation. White enamel is known for standard whiteboards, but we also offer chalk green and grey. Do you want a different color or an image on your whiteboard? Let us know and we will make this for you. We print with a special durable technique your text, image, logo and make your custom plan-or improve board. Decorative and functional.


Writable projection surface

Projecting content and writing on the same surface? You can do it at the same time with the projection whiteboards of Smit Visual. This special whiteboards are made for high-quality projection with a beamer and you can add notes on the projected content with a marker. Using an interactive beamer you can even write with your finger on the whiteboard. We also offer stylish glass projection boards.

Deviant sizes

We supply a large range of standard sized bulletin boards, whiteboard and projection boards. Are you looking for a presentation board with a different format? We make any size for you in our own factory. separately or as wall panel for professed by large surfaces. Do not limit your ideas and utilized up to the possibilities of our customised solutions.

Private label

Custom production is our base for private label production. Smit Visual has many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying customer-specific products. Because of our flexible production facilities, we are able to put your mark on our products. The possibilities are extensive: you can choose for your own brand sticker, own item numbers and labeling. But also own packing and packing slip are possible. Or products with your own design? OEM products allow you to present your own brand name prominent in the market. Ask for the possibilities


We help you with developing your ideas and support you where possible with our product knowledge, logistics issues or innovations. We are ready to involve in your custom solutions. Don’t hesitate to ask.