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Functional interior design

Writing and pin board surfaces shouldn’t only be plain functional. These board surfaces can be an integral aspect of your offices decorative design as well. Smit Visual is an expert in combining functionality, shapes and colors in workplace interiors, offices and schools.Read more

Audiovisual concepts

Sound, video and interactivity are becoming an integral part of furnishing conference rooms and schools more and more. We combine high-end interactive AV-solutions with traditional Visual supplies and functional surfaces to achieve the most productive environment possible. Read more

Custom solutions

We customise your bulletin board, whiteboard or projection board. For every space and application we will serve you with your custom demands. For optimal integration of your decor and presantation solutions. We make wall systems or panels to each specification. Read more

Printed signs

Printed whiteboards are the ideal solution for the visualising of improvement processes, planned activities and memos. Or simply add your company logo, text or design on your custom whiteboard. We print on whiteboards, bulletinboards and glassboards in high resolution. Read more

New: innovations by Smit Visual

Extra Hygienic Enamel

Hygienic assortment


A complete range of visual supplies for your presentation, lesson or as a medium to share your ideas. Each of the products designed with a high standard in quality and user-friendliness. Optimal packaging and logistical support will help you get the products in the right place at the right time. The majority of our standard products are ready-made stock items, thus ensuring short lead times.

What you are looking for is not in our standard assortment? Most likely we can produce it for you anyway. A specific size or color, a different material or finish; virtually everything is possible. Customised items are produced in a relative short time span. Many of our products can be personalised with printing techniques: functional applications or simply a logo or decorative print. The buttons on the product pages indicate the possibilities.

New: Chameleon Mobile & Portable

The aesthetic merits of design are usually determined by the details. With this fact in mind, Smit Visual introduces two new Chameleon products: Mobile and Portable. The stylish and sophisticated design of these mobile writing boards was developed in collaboration with the award-winning design agency GBO.

Read more

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