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Frequently asked questions


Does Smit Visual Supplies supply directly to end users?

No. We only supply our materials through an extensive network of selected dealers. For locating a dealer near you please contact our customer service.

Do you export outside of Holland?

Our products find their way into more than 50 countries, in and outside Europe. The largest part of our turnover (65-70%) comes from export.

Does Smit Visual Supplies produce to customer specifications?

Yes we do. Because of our specific product knowledge, flexible attitude and specialist machine park we can produce nearly any wished size, thickness or profile type. New models can be prototyped rapidly and individual customer wishes can be honoured. Tailor made production may very well be our strongest point.

Why would I choose for Smit Visual Supplies?

Because we offer our customers more than just good quality. To us service, warranties, flexibility and accuracy are fundamental. We put our customers in the middle. Maintaining our flexibility is one of our main goals. You will get the attention you deserve.

What are the supply terms and conditions of Smit Visual Supplies?

For a summary of our current supply terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Services department. You can also download the terms and conditions.

Presentation tools

How can I best preserve my whiteboard?

Before the first usage you should clean the whiteboard with a clean, damp cloth. Only use special whiteboard markers, preferably from Smit Visual Supplies. During the use it is best to clean the board intensively with a cloth and our specially developed cleaning spray, at least once a week. This will remove any marker residue and guarantees proper era-sability. If you purchase a starter kit together with your whiteboard you will immediately have everything you need to use your board in the best possible way. Under normal circumstances your whiteboard can probably outlast you (see Garantuee).

Please note: a chalk board may not be treated with any kind of detergent, however mild it may be! You should only use clean water on the surface. This has to do with the more ‘open’ structure of the material.

How are the classic boards built up?

The classical whiteboard consists of a layer of enamel steel or coated steel, a carrier (usually chipboard) and a galvanized steel sheet as backing material. Pin boards are made of a thin layer of felt or cork material, pressed onto a carrier of softboard and a backing sheet of MDF material. Bulletin boards only have a MDF carrier.

What kind of guarantee is there on a board?

When used according to the guidelines set out above, with markers and cleaning spray form Smit Visual Supplies BV, we will give a 25 year warranty on the erasability of the enamel steel writing surface. For coated steel surfaces we will guarantee 12 months of usage, providing of course all boards are treated properly.

What is the difference between a whiteboard and a college board?

We use the term whiteboard for the classic white writing board that is mostly mounted in offices. A college board is usually bigger and height adjustable, meant for use in schools or auditoriums. For adjusting the height mostly a (hidden) mechanism is used or aluminium sliding columns. Furthermore a college board is still mostly a chalk board, where in offices marker are more widely used. Most college boards have wings, dust trims and large chalk trays over the full length of the board.

What is the difference between coated steel and enamel steel whiteboards?

Enamel actually is a glass layer that is heated up to 800°C and than
burned onto a steel plate. This assures a very high quality writing
surface. Whilst enamel steel has a very long lifespan, coated steel will eventually start to show problems in erasing. This problem is caused by very small cracks that are formed in the surface and that fill up with marker ink. When this problem occurs is hard to predict, because of variables like frequency in usage and markers used. However, it is inevitable that coated steel will start to show defects eventually.

What is the difference between the PartnerLine Rail and the Design Rail system?

Design rail is available for single and double use, where PartnerLine is only available as a double rail. Furthermore we have developed a special corner piece for Design rail that allows you to move a rail item through the corner of the room without taking it down from the rail.

Are the chalk boards made of enamel steel as well?

Yes, the writing surface of a chalk board is just a solid as that of an enamel whiteboard. For chalk we simply use a roughened type of the same surface. The production process is almost identical.

What is matt white enamel steel?

Enamelled steel is used for a range of configurations for visual presentation. Think of green chalk on blackboards or High gloss enamel steel. High gloss enamel steel is not suitable for projection. The smooth surface reflects light too much. Special projection steel lends itself much better; however, this projection surface is so rough that it is not suitable for production of dry-erasable whiteboards. Smit Visual Supplies offers unique hybrid variant enamel steel: matt white. This material offers a perfect compromise between projection properties
and dry-erasability. The surface reduces reflections but can still be perfectly dryerased. Our projection boards with matt white enamel steel form a meaningful combination with interactive projectors. An additional advantage: the flat surface of our boards ensures perfect projection even with ultra-short projection.

Can you tell me more about printed boards?

New technology now makes it easy to produce very affordable printed boards – even if you only want one. You supply a digital file of the artwork in the actual size to be printed and we take care of the rest! There are various printable products that you can choose from: whiteboards, planning boards, partition walls, presentation walls, display boards for toddler artwork, side panels of multi-surface boards, cabinets… The boards are printed using a special process, but they are still magnetic and dry- erasable. Rather than being printed on the surface of the board, the ink is actually incorporated in the board. So it is protected against external factors (such as sunlight and the use of magnets). However, it is important to note that the coating on the board is not scratch-resistant like our enamelled steel! So be careful with sharp items that might leave scratches on the surface of the board. Ask our Customer Service Department about the specifications for supplying digital artwork.