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Whiteboard Softline gelakt staal

Whiteboard Softline coated steel

Coated steel writing surface. An affordable alternative to enamel
whiteboards. Anodised aluminium softline profile with grey synthetic corners. Including mounting material and 30 cm
pen tray.

 Whiteboard Softline coated steel

Size Article number 
120x400cm 11103.299
120x350cm 11103.301
120×300 cm 11103.295
120×240 cm 11103.294
120×200 cm 11103.267
120×180 cm 11103.283
120×150 cm 11103.293
100×200 cm 11103.260
100×150 cm 11103.261
100×100 cm 11103.268
90×180 cm 11103.265
90×120 cm 11103.262
60×90 cm 11103.263
45×60 cm 11103.264
30×45 cm 11103.284

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Different size?

Do you require a whiteboard in a non-standard size? We can make it in just a matter of days in our own production facility.

Printed whiteboards!

We can print your whiteboard with logo, image or text. Full colour and scratch resistant.


Whiteboard wand

We also produce complete whiteboard work walls. Functional and contemporary for creative environments. Personalize your whiteboard wall with bespoke full color printing panels either with functional means or just decorative: e.g. your logo, an image, advertisements or a text in full color. Different surfaces can be combined as wall panel. One could even combine writing and pin surfaces. Ask for the possibilities.

Starter kit whiteboard junior

Starterkit whiteboard junior is ready to go. The starterkit is the complete package for the starter. The starterkit provides you with the most essential accessoires for the whiteboard.

Product details

Starter kit whiteboard universal

Starterkit whiteboard ready to go. Starterkit whiteboard is the complete package for the starter. With this comprehensive starterkit you are provided with the most essential supply of accessories and you can start immediately. Product details