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Printed whiteboard

The ideal solution for visualizing improvement processes, planned activities and memos. Simply add your company logo or design your own whiteboard in full colour!Popular applications printed (white) board:

• Visualization improvement programs: Visual Management
• Corporate branding
• (Work) planning
• Maps and floor plans
• Sport boards; very useful when discussing the game tactics!

The boards are magnetic and dry erasable. The ink is incorporated into the board. The ink is protected from sunlight; colours stay at high quality level.

Printed whiteboard

 Size Article number
120×300 cm 11103.471
120×240 cm 11103.470
120×200 cm 11103.462
120×180 cm 11103.461
120×150 cm 11103.459
120×120 cm 11103.468
100×200 cm 11103.467
100×150 cm 11103.458
100×100 cm 11103.457
90×180 cm 11103.464
90×120 cm 11103.456
60×90 cm 11103.453

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Different size

Do you require a whiteboard in a non-standard size? We can make it in just a matter of days in our own production facility

Printed whiteboard walls

We also produce complete whiteboard work walls. Functional and contemporary for creative environments. Personalize your whiteboard wall with bespoke full color printing panels either with functional means or just decorative: e.g. your logo, an image, advertisements or a text in full color. Different surfaces can be combined as wall panel. One could even combine writing and pin surfaces. Ask for the possibilities.

Whiteboard cleaningspray

For regular cleaning of whiteboards and planning boards. 250 ml spray bottle.

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Memo magnets

Memo magnets for magnetic surfaces. Memo Magnets are handy for hanging your memos or other documents quickly and easily. Use the memo magnets in other areas as a refrigerator magnet and other related devices.Product details