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Projection glass board

Glass board suitable for both projection and whiteboard markers. Stylish design with tasteful suspension points; projection in style. The board is writable, dry erasable and magnetic. Including pen tray. The Projection glass board can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

Projection glass board

Size HxW Article number
120×160 cm 14700.400
110×196 cm 14700.401

Chrome magnets

Chrome magnets are extra strong for your magnetic surfaces. Chrome magnets have a stylish shape and are extra strong. Convenient to hang your memos or other documents quickly and easily. Use the chrome buttons on other surfaces such as refrigerators and other magnet -containing surfaces. Product details


Starter kit for glass boards

Starter kit for glass boards ready to go. Starter kit for glass board is the complete package for the starter. With this comprehensive starter kit you are provided with the most essential supply of accessories and you can start immediately . Product details