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Whiteboard magnetic – Extra Hygienic Enamel

This whiteboard offers extra hygienic protection in demanding environments such as hospitals, care facilities, public workspaces and spaces with lots of user traffic, such as workshop rooms.

Actively antimicrobial

The whiteboard surface is equipped with Extra-Hygienic Enamel. This new technology incorporates silver micro particles that eliminate 99% of all bacteria present within 24 hours. And this happens during the entire lifespan of the product.

Frequent use

The whiteboard is suitable for long-term, frequent use. The surface is magnetic, can be written on and is dry erasable. The whiteboard has an aluminium profile and light grey plastic corner profiles.

The whiteboard can be mounted on the wall both vertically and horizontally. The mounting materials are included. The bottom of the whiteboard features a (detachable) storage shelf for your accessories.


  • Enameled steel surface with a lifelong warranty for writeability and dry erasability
  • The whiteboard features an active anti-microbial surface.
  • The whiteboard is scratch proof and magnetised.
  • Wall mounting, writeable on one side.


Whiteboard magnetic – Extra Hygienic Enamel

Size Article number
120×300 cm 11103.860
120×240 cm 11103.861
120×200 cm 11103.862
120×180 cm 11103.863
120×150 cm 11103.864
90×120 cm 11103.865