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Whiteboard Design emailstaal

Whiteboard Design enamel steel

High quality whiteboard from white enamelled steel (800ºC).
Whiteboard for highly intensive and permanent use. Anodised aluminium design profile with grey synthetic corners. Including mounting material and 30 cm pen tray.

 Whiteboard Design enamel steel

Size Article number 
120×300 cm 11101.100
120×240 cm 11101.101
120×180 cm 11101.102
120×150 cm 11101.103
100×200 cm 11101.104
100×180 cm 11101.105
100×150 cm 11101.106
100×100 cm 11101.107
90×180 cm 11101.108
90×120 cm 11101.109
60×90 cm 11101.110
45×60 cm 11101.111

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Different size

Do you require a whiteboard in a non-standard size? We can make it in just a matter of days in our own production facility.


Pen holder magnetic

The pen holder is to easily attach your markers on your board. This Pen Holder is magnetic and therefore easy to place on any metal. You always have the markers together and within reach. Available in white, with room for 4 plan and whiteboard markers.Product details

Mini wiper

Ideal wiper, magnetic, for planning boards. No replacement felts are available for this wiper.

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