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Shapes Pin Panels – Float, without profile

The Float Pin Panels range is developed in response to the changing needs in modern office and school environments. These areas have to be functional but nowadays, if possible, stylish and hip as well.Because of the tapered edges of the board it appears to hang in a ‘floating’ mode on the wall.
The high quality bulletin pin surface is made entirely of natural materials. The surface is self-healing, sound-damping and guarantees a long life span.

Shapes Pin Panels – Float, without profile

Size Grey Black Red Blue Orange
120×200 cm 11601.403 11601.413 11601.423 11601.433 11601.443
120×180 cm 11601.402 11601.412 11601.422 11601.432 11601.442
90×120 cm 11601.401 11601.411 11601.421 11601.431 11601.441
60×90 cm 11601.400 11601.410 11601.420 11601.430 11601.440


Besides the standard Float Pin Panels we offer printed Float Pin Panels. You can choose between a world map, timeline or your own design. Click here for more info.

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