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Revolving board Solid chalk green

Double sided board for writing on, made of green enamel steel and with aluminium RC-profile. Thanks to the rotator handle the board can be rotated 360º and can be fixed in each angle.
The robust white steel chassis is fitted with a long pen tray and 4 industrial wheels (2 with brakes).

 Revolving board Solid chalk green

Size Article number
120×220 cm 13009.170
120×200 cm 13009.171
120×180 cm 13009.172
120×150 cm 13009.173
100×200 cm 13009.106
100×180 cm 13009.107
100×150 cm 13009.108
90×120 cm 13009.109

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Set of 12 anti-dust chalks in either white or selection of colours.

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