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Partition Wall – Whiteboard, Extra Hygienic Enamel

This partition offers extra-hygienic protection in demanding environments such as hospitals, care facilities, public workspaces and spaces with lots of user traffic, such as workshop rooms.

The whiteboard surface is equipped with Extra-Hygienic Enamel. This new technology incorporates silver micro particles that eliminate 99% of all bacteria present within 24 hours. And this happens during the entire lifespan of the product.

The partition has an aluminium board profile and steel feet for extra stability. The enamel whiteboard surface has a lifelong warranty for writeability and perfect erasability.


  • This partition can be linked with multiple other partitions using the included connection pieces.
  • This product comes with steel feet.
  • Writeable on both sides.
  • Lifelong warranty for writeability and erasability of the whiteboard.
  • The whiteboard features an active anti-microbial surface.
  • The whiteboard is scratch proof and magnetised.

Combination sets

These products are supplied including 2 free-standing feet, 2 connector axes, 1 2-way connector piece, 1 3-way connector piece and a 4-way connector piece.

Size (WxH) Article numer
120×140 cm 13006.820
120×180 cm 13006.821

Seperate parts

Including 2 connector axes of 40 cm and 1 2-way connector piece.

Note: the (movable) feet need to be ordered seperately.

Article numbers Partition Walls

Size (WxH) Article number
120×140 cm 13006.182
120×180 cm 13006.183

Article numbers accessories

Description Article number
Foot free standing 14013.150
Foot wall position 14013.151
Movable foot 14013.152
Connector piece 2-way 51401.051
Connector piece 3-way 51401.052
Connector piece 4-way 51401.053