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Partition wall – Natural

Go for the natural look! This room divider has thick honeycomb cardboard as a wall surface and a plywood wooden base. These natural materials give the room divider a unique character for unique organisations. The material is lightweight, which makes this room divider very suitable for setups that change regularly.

Combination sets

These products are supplied including 2 free-standing plywood feet, 2 connector axes, 1 2-way connector piece, 1 3-way connector piece and a 4-way connector piece.

Size (WxH) Article numer
120×140 cm 13006.840
120×180 cm 13006.841

Seperate parts

Including 2 connector axes of 40 cm and 1 2-way connector piece.

Note: the (movable) feet need to be ordered seperately.

Article numbers Partition Walls

Size (WxH) Article number
120×140 cm 13006.642
120×180 cm 13006.643

Article numbers accessories

Description Article number
Plywood foot free-standing 14013.150
Connector piece 2-way 51401.051
Connector piece 3-way 51401.052
Connector piece 4-way 51401.053