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Partition wall Camira Accent

Partition wall Camira Accent

The double sided partition wall Camira Accent is the ideal solution to create fully flexible workplaces. The partition walls are solid and fitted with a firm and modern aluminium profile. Thanks to the design, the shapes, surface materials and the strong construction, these walls fit nicely in offices as well as schools. The walls of enamel steel and felt are excellent to use as exhibition walls.


Choose between the fabric structures and trendy colours beneath. The range is divided into 3 segments based on the fabric structure: Accent, Pastel, Intense. Within each segment we offer 6 colour choices.The complete range of Camira Fabrics is available to be combined with the rest of your office interiors.

Easy construction

Up to 4 partitioning panels can be assembled into a modular construction. A choice of functional and decorative surfaces for flexible interiors.  Creating new work spaces made easy!

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Partition wall Camira Accent

Size Article number
180×120 cm 13006.923 + Colour code
140×120 cm 13006.922 + Colour code
110×120 cm 13006.921 + Colour code
180×100 cm 13006.913 + Colour code
140×100 cm 13006.912 + Colour code
110×100 cm 13006.911 + Colour code
180×80 cm 13006.903 + Colour code
140×80 cm 13006.902 + Colour code
110×80 cm 13006.901 + Colour code


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