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Divider Screen Desk/Table – Wooden base – Plexiglass

Wooden bases for modular plexiglass arrangement. These bases belong with the item ‘Divider screen for desk/table, Plexiglass’ with a thickness of 5 mm. A range of combinations can be made with the different shapes; from a simple one-panel arrangement to extensive corner arrangements.The bases provide stability at the bottom, while the panel connectors that can be ordered separately perform the same function at the top.


  • Quick and easy to set up and disassemble
  • Stable design
  • Modular expansion in any way you choose to arrange


  • Oiled Triplex base
  • For plexiglass with 5mm thickness

Divider screen Plexiglass

This modular design provides employees with a safe workplace through sufficient hygienic protection. Desks and tables are fitted with plexiglass divider screens that are installed with wooden bases. This solution is suitable for all desks including sit/stand desks.


  • Stable sturdy design that is also easy to install.
  • The screens are available in the most popular desk sizes.
  • The high-quality plexiglass consists of 70% acrylic and 30% polystyrene, which ensures clear visibility. Line of sight in the space is maximally preserved with little disruption to the interior design.


  • The thickness of the plexiglass panels (5 mm) ensures the panel remains stable.
  • Edges and corners are safely finished without sharp pieces. Corners have a radius of 5 mm.
  • Easy hygienic cleaning, resistant to alcohol-based cleaners.

Combination sets

Combination sets – Wooden base / Plexiglas

Content set: 1 plexiglass divider screen + 2 wooden bases 3-way

Size Article number
58×75 cm 13012.031
58×120 cm 13012.032
58×160 cm 13012.033

Seperate parts

Seperate parts – Wooden base / Plexiglass

Divider screen Plexiglass

Size Article number
58x75x0,5 cm 13012.001
58x120x0,5 cm 13012.002
58x160x0,5 cm 13012.003

Wooden base

Description Article number
Base 4-way 14013.170
Base 3-way 14013.171
Base 2-way 14013.172

Connector piece

Plastic connector to connect plexiglass screens at the top.

Connector piece 2-way 51401.054
Connector piece 3-way 51401.055
Connector piece 4-way 51401.056