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Divider Screen Desk/Table – Desk clamp – Acrylic glass

With these clamps the plexiglass divider screens as well as the Enamel/PET felt divider screens can be mounted on desks or tables. The clamps fix the screens securely, making them ideal for desks with automatic height adjustment, for instance.


  • Fixed mounting of screens to desks is sometimes a requirement in cleaning contracts
  • Ideal for height-adjustable desks
  • Stable design


  • Clamp can be mounted to desk and table tops with a thickness of up to 34 mm
  • Can hold screens with a thickness between 2 and 28 mm in place

Divider screen Acrylic glass

This modular design provides employees with a safe workplace through sufficient hygienic protection. Desks and tables are fitted with acrylic glass divider screens that are installed with desk clamps. This solution is suitable for all desks including sit/stand desks.


  • Stable sturdy design that is also easy to install.
  • The screens are available in the most popular desk sizes.
  • The high-quality acrylic glass consists of 70% acrylic and 30% polystyrene, which ensures clear visibility. Line of sight in the space is maximally preserved with little disruption to the interior design.


  • The thickness of the acrylic glass panels (5 mm) ensures the panel remains stable.
  • Edges and corners are safely finished without sharp pieces. Corners have a radius of 5 mm.
  • Easy hygienic cleaning, resistant to alcohol-based cleaners.

Combination sets

Combination sets – Desk clamp / Acrylic glass

Content set: 1 acrylic glass divider screen + 2 desk clamps

Desk clamp type Size Article number
Single 58×75 cm 13012.011
Single 58×120 cm 13012.012
Single 58×160 cm 13012.013
Double 58×75 cm 13012.021
Double 58×120 cm 13012.022
Double 58×160 cm 13012.023

Seperate parts

Seperate parts – Desk clamps / Acrylic glass

Divider screen Acrylic glass

Size Article number
58x75x0,5 cm 13012.001
58x120x0,5 cm 13012.002
58x160x0,5 cm 13012.003

Desk clamp

Desk clamp type Article number
Desk clamp Single 14013.160
Desk clamp Double 14013.161

Connector piece

Plastic connector to connect acrylic glass screens at the top.

Connector piece 2-way 51401.054
Connector piece 3-way 51401.055
Connector piece 4-way 51401.056