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Revolving board Solid coated steel

Double sided board for writing on, made of white coated steel, with aluminium RC-profile. The Revolving Board Solid with coated steel is an affordable alternative to Solid revolving boards with enamel steel. Thanks to the rotator handle the board can be rotated 360º and can be fixed in each angle. The white steel chassis is fitted with a long pen tray and 4 steel wheels (2 with brakes).

 Revolving board Solid coated steel

Sizes Article number
120×220 cm 13009.154
120×200 cm 13009.150
120×180 cm 13009.153
120×150 cm 13009.151
100×200 cm 13009.030
100×180 cm 13009.031
100×150 cm 13009.032
100×120 cm 13009.052
90×120 cm 13009.033

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