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Projection board Softline

Writable and dry-erasble projection boards made of matt white enamelled steel. Suitable for board markers and projection. Available in various formats for wall mounting. Anodised aluminium softline profile with grey synthetic corner caps. Including 30 cm pen tray.


Projection board Softline

Model  Size board Article number
16:10 150×240 cm 11103.343
4:3 150×200 cm 11103.341
1:1 150×150 cm 11103.340
5:2 120×300 cm 11103.339
2:1 120×240 cm 11103.330
16:9 120×214 cm 11103.335
16:10 120×200 cm 11103.338
16:10 120×192 cm 11103.346
4:3 120×160 cm 11103.331


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Different sizes

Do you require a writable projection board in a non-standard size? We can make it in just a matter of days in our own production facility.

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Starter kit for projection boards

Starter kit for projection boards ready to go. Starter kit for projection boards is the complete package for the starter. With this comprehensive starter kit you are provided with the most essential supply of accessories and can be directly used.Product details