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Divider Screen Desk/Table – Desk clamp – Whiteboard Extra Hygienic Enamel/Pinboard

This Partition for desks and tables is equipped with a writeable whiteboard side with an extra-hygienic surface (new) and an acoustic notice board side. This partition offers employees a safe workspace with sufficient hygienic protection.


  • Fixed mounting of screens to desks is sometimes a requirement in cleaning contracts
  • Ideal for height-adjustable desks
  • Stable design


  • Clamp can be mounted to desk and table tops with a thickness of up to 34 mm
  • Can hold screens with a thickness between 2 and 28 mm in place

Extra-Hygienic whiteboard surface

The magnetic whiteboard side is equipped with an enamelled steel surface that utilises a new technology. Silver micro particles are incorporated into the surface and actively eliminate bacteria. In 24 hours, 99% of bacteria are killed. An ideal application for schools, workplaces and environments where hygiene is extra important.


  • Stable sturdy design that is also easy to install.
  • The screens are available in the most popular desk sizes.
  • Antimicrobial whiteboard side with a lifetime warranty on writing and perfect erasing. In addition, the surface is scratch proof.
  • The acoustic part consists of PET felt that is made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Edges and corners are safely finished without sharp pieces. Corners have a radius of 5 mm.


  • The panels have a total thickness of 19 mm
  • Corners are rounded with a radius of 5 mm
  • Side 1 consists of an enamel whiteboard surface
  • Side 2 consists of a PET felt surface with acoustic values (NRC 0.30)

Combinatie sets

Combination sets – Desk clamp / Whiteboard-Pinboard

Content set: 1 whiteboard/pinboard divider screen+ 2 desk clamps

Desk clamp version Size Article number
Single 58×75 cm 13012.111
Single 58×120 cm 13012.112
Single 58×160 cm 13012.113
Double 58×75 cm 13012.121
Double 58×120 cm 13012.122
Double 58×160 cm 13012.123

Seprate parts

Seperate parts – Desk clamp / Whiteboard-Pinboard

Divider screen Whiteboard-Pinboard

Size Article number
58×75 cm 13012.101
58×120 cm 13012.102
58×160 cm 13012.103

Desk clamp

Desk clamp version Article number
Single 14013.160
Double 14013.161