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Writing and pin boards

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Revolving board Solid enamel steel

Double sided board for writing on, made of white enamel steel and with aluminium RC-profile. Thanks to the rotator handle the board can be rotated 360º and can be fixed in each angle. Product details

Shapes Pin Panels – printed float board, without profile

The Float Pin Panels are available with two decorative and funktional prints. Visualize your milestones in history on the timeline or plan your (global) future on the world map. A custom prints is possible as well.Product details


Printed revolving board Solid

The ideal solution for visualizing improvement processes, planning schedules, floor plans and memos. Add your logo or design your own full colour whiteboard; your creativity is the limit! Product details

Whiteboard INFO

Writing board with brochure rack, made of white enamelled steel. Product details

Pin board pressed cork

Pin boards with pressed cork surface in beige, made of natural cork. Anodised aluminium softline profile with grey
synthetic corners.Product details

Glass board Glass2Write

These stylish white glass whiteboards are magnetic, writable and dry erasable. The glass whiteboards are coated on the back to ensure clear readability and can, therefore, be positioned against a background wall in any colour. Product details

Glass board Premium

Stylish white glass board with sleek looks by hidden suspension points. These glass boards are magnetic, writable and dry erasable. Product details


Projection glass board

Glass board suitable for both projection and whiteboard markers. Stylish design with tasteful suspension points; projection in style. Product details

Combi board

Combination of a white enamel steel whiteboard and a pin board. The pinnable part is available in pressed cork, blue felt, or grey Bulletin. Anodised softline profile with grey synthetic corner caps.Product details

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Pin wall, without profile

Our pin wall solutions provide an endless pinnable surface. The bulletin pin panels have a cork linoleum pin surface. This provides a pin wall with optimal life span due to self-repairing capacity. Product details

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Chalk board enamel green

Chalkboard made of green enamelled steel. Magnetic and erasable. Anodised aluminium softline profile with grey synthetic corners. Including mounting material and 30 cm pen tray.Product details

Chalk board softline enamel grey

Chalk board softline with grey enamel steel is a magnetic and erasable chalk board. Anodised aluminium softline profile with grey synthetic corners. Including mounting material and 30 cm pen tray.Product details


Maps on a magnetic, dry erasable board or laminated on a roll. Various maps are available. Product details

Moveable board stand

Stand for various sizes whiteboards and bulletin boards. The sturdy steel frame is mobile and very stable even for large whiteboards. The stand is mobile, has 4 wheels of which 2 braked.Product details

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