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Improvement boards

Rotatable 3-sided whiteboard

3 sided whiteboard on a stand which can be rotated 360°. Whiteboards made out of high quality white lacquered steel with an anodised aluminium softline frame with grey synthetic corners.Product details

Quality board softline profile

Using the Quality Board the quality of a product or service can clearly be visualized.This takes place using a variety of factors. As a result, it is immediately obvious for any person involved which improvements need to be realized in order to maintain the quality standard.

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Quality & Safety board softline profile

Safety and quality are essential in any production and expedition environment. Using the Quality & Safety Board helps you to simply create an overview of your quality and safety attention points and conditions.
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Scrum board softline profile

Using the Scrum Board makes it simple to compose a clear overview of all current projects. In this way, you easily create an overview for all stakeholders.

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OEE board softline profile

The OEE Board helps you optimizing your production processes. Using the OEE Board allows you to easily monitor and improve the efficiency of manufacturing plants on the basis of index figures. The OEE Board can be combined with the Kaizen and 5S boards for more control and overview.

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Improvement board softline profile

Usage of the Improvement Board allows you making bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement visible. Each problem which is identified will be adressed by means of a solution process. Each person is responsible for his or her own part, ultimately resulting in a negotiated solution.Product details

Operations Performance board, softline profile

Visualizing your processes is easy using the Oparations Performance Board. Due to one quick look at the board every employee immediately knows the status of each process.Product details

Lean Management board Softline profile

Lean Manufacturing is a management philosophy which helps you creating maximum value for the customer with a minimum of waste. Due to ‘slim production’ costs will decrease, which leads to improved operating results. Usage of the Lean Manufacturing Board helps you to determine the status of these processes.

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Kaizen board Softline profile

Using a Kaizen Board helps you with continuous time and capacity improvements. Purpose of the Kaizen method is the continuous search for factors which negatively influences time and capacity of a production process. Every person is constantly stimulated to realize improvements every day.

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Goals board Softline profile

The Goals Board helps you translating top-level business objectives to underlying department goals. Goals for each individual department are clearly visualized. Final goal: an optimal operating result.

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5S board softline profile

The 5S Board refers to your workplace organization. Using the five S characters you will be helped to achieve a clean and organized workplace. Each character stands for a different part of the organization and the cleanliness of these workplaces.

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Emergency Evacuation Plan board, softline profile

Using the Emergency Evacuation Plan Board, allows for easy communication about guidelines in case of emergency for everybody. This board can be provided with an overview of present emergency team members as well, so these people can be informed quickly. The design of these board is obviously always made specifically for your unique situation.

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Visual Management board on stand Fixed or mobile

The robust construction ensures maximum stability of the total mounting solution. Each stand has eight sides to which a board can be mounted by means of clamps. If required, you can use the mounting solution in multiple ways, with multiple boards. Choose between full colour printings on both sides or one blank side for other notes.Product details

Visual Management board on Cube stand Mobile

Visual Management board on Cube stand Mobile. In a few seconds you walk around the Cube. By using the Cube you create one central point in your production area where you can visualise all processes for each stakeholder.Product details


For optimal flexibility you choose for the clickframe with removable Visual Management sheets. You easily switch from project to project.Product details

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Printed revolving board Solid

The ideal solution for visualizing improvement processes, planning schedules, floor plans and memos. Add your logo or design your own full colour whiteboard; your creativity is the limit! Product details

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