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Projection solutions

Mica projection boards

Mica enamel surface offers optimal projection features; a perfect reflection without hotspot and a wide viewing angle. Product details

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Revolving board Combi enamel/projection steel

Revolving board, writable on both sides. One side is made of white enamel steel, the other side of special Mica projection steel with perfect projection features. Product details


Projection screen Regular

Matt white projection screen with a spring mechanism for quick and trouble free roll and re-roll of the screen. Product details

Projection screen electric regular

Silent electrical projection screen in matt white. Provided with an operating box, to be fixed to the wall. White aluminium casing equipped with connection points for wall and ceiling.Product details

Projection screen tripod

Matt white projection screen. Black frames (3 cm): at 1:1 to both sides, at 4:3 on all sides. Product details

Projection screen table model

Matt white table projection screen with scissor mechanism for easy continual retraction and expansion of the screen. Product details

Projector table Colossus

Black powder coated steel projector table, with adjustable foot for increased stability. Product details

Projector table Flexsol

Black powder coated steel projector table, with a tilting (0-15º) light grey worktop and an antislip layer and ridge.Product details

Projector table Masterstand

Solid, black powder coated steel projector table with two wheels (Ø12 cm). Two light grey folding worktops. Product details

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