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Work wall solutions

Create an endless writing or pin surface with the Smit Work Walls. Ideal for brainstorming or creative collaboration sessions. With integrated projection surfaces the work walls will support a vivid presentation as well. Product details

Shape en Colour Pin Panels

Personalize your workplace and combine colours and shapes into the perfect match. An inspiring workplace with your personal touch!Product details

Visual Management

Visualizing is key in a complete new product range: Visual Management. Optimizing processes is an ongoing effort in all companies. Visual Management boards help keep track of the projects where it’s most needed; on the work floor.Product details

Whiteboard Wood

High quality whiteboard from white enameled steel (800°C). Whiteboard for highly intensive and permanent use. Product details

Whiteboard Frameless enamel steel

The Whiteboard Frameless is introduced in response to the changing needs in modern office and school environments.These areas have to be functional and at the same time stylish and hip as well.
Product details

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Revolving board Standard coated steel

Double sided board for writing on, made of white coated steel, with aluminium RC-profile. The Revolving Board Standard is an affordable alternative to Solid revolving boards. Product details

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