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Rail systems


PartnerLine rail systems

White aluminium wall rail system, 240 cm in length, only available as a double rail version. Assembly material, paper clamp rolls, end caps, connector and cover strip are supplied.Product details

PartnerLine Rail Accessories

Accessories accompanying the PartnerLine Rail systems
Product details

PartnerLine Rail whiteboards

Lightweight enamelled whiteboard (800ºC). Finished in the white PartnerLine profile, with white synthetic corner caps and a white synthetic pen tray. Product details

PartnerLine Rail pin boards

Pin boards with bulletin grey, cork, blue felt, or grey felt pin surface. Finished in the white PartnerLine profile with white synthetic corner caps. Product details

PartnerLine Rail flipchart

Flipchart with an enamel writing surface (800ºC), finished in the white PartnerLine profile with white synthetic corner caps. Supplied including suspension set and pen tray.

Product details

PartnerLine Rail maps

3 kinds of maps are available: the Netherlands, Europe and the world. Finished in the white PartnerLine profile with white synthetic corner caps. Product details

PartnerLine Rail projection boards

Matt white enamelled whiteboard, suited for projection and board markers! Magnetic and dry erasable. Finished in the white PartnerLine profile,with white synthetic corner caps and a white synthetic pen tray. Product details

Paper Rail system

Wall rail system on which drawings, posters etc., can be hung up quickly and without damaging them. Available in light grey aluminium in 100 cm and 200 cm lengths. Product details

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