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Chameleon Writing


Can a flip-over be sexy? Yes it can! Elegant with its lovely curves, stylish with its slender frame. And yet this lady stands firm, thanks to her delicately balanced design. The Chameleon Osaka deserves its description as an impressive piece of office design.Product details


A touch screen is the optimum medium for delivering a digital presentation. However, if new ideas and comments are raised during the presentation, a whiteboard is useful. Chameleon Surround is a Product details

Table Top

As a child, you’re told never to draw on the table. So, it takes some time to get used to it, but … you MUST draw on this table. Doodle away during your brain-storming session. Unleash you creativity by using the entire table as a drawing board. Who would have thought meetings could be such fun!Product details


Frameless whiteboard panel with right-angled corners and white lacquered edges, so that several panels can be mounted in a modular way as a wall solution. The result? A virtually seamless modular writing surface. Users can write across the full width of a wall – for as long as they like.Product details


Curve is a frameless whiteboard panel with rounded corners and black lacquered edges. Which means it can also occupy a space as a design object. Including hidden suspension.Product details

Shapes, Speech

Use this speech bubble to ‘speak your mind’. Speech is a creative whiteboard that can be used to collect ideas among your staff, or to serve as a playful accent in your office or classroom. But these whiteboards are also perfect for brainstorming sessions for example!Product details

Shapes, Thoughts

Share your unique trains of thought with this inspiring whiteboard. This one-of-a-kind thought bubble adds a playful touch to any interior.Product details

Shapes, Six-Square

A frameless whiteboard that is equally at home, in terms of look and feel, in a creative or formal setting. The hexagonal shape is ideal for combining multiple panels to form a unique constellation.Product details

Shapes, Round

This attractive round writing panel proves that there’s no reason why a whiteboard has to be rectangular. You can mount your Chameleon Writing – Shapes, Round as a separate design object, or include it in a whole constellation of panels. Product details

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