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Felt wiper Pro

Magnetic wiper for whiteboards.

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Paper wipers

Available in various designs and finishes, and a set of 100 sheets wiper papers.

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Mini wiper

Ideal wiper, magnetic, for planning boards. No replacement felts are available for this wiper.

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Chalk wiper

Wiper for chalk boards.Product details


Whiteboard cleaningspray

For regular cleaning of whiteboards and planning boards. 250 ml spray bottle.

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Cleaningspray extra strong

For cleaning whiteboards and projection boards made of matt white enamelled steel. Environmentally friendly, PH-neutral. Very powerful. Flask of 100 ml. The Cleaning spray Extra Strong does also erase most regular markers unlike other comonly used cleaning sprays.

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Glass board wiper

White glass board wiper made with black felt.

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