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Whiteboard markers

Board markers are suitable for whiteboards as well as flipchart paper. Available in various colours and numbers.Whiteboard Markers with maximum durability. The alcohol based ink is dry – erasable on whiteboards. Product details

Whiteboard planmarkers

Whiteboard plan markers to write with extra fine point precisions . Whiteboard plan markers of quality and use both white- and planning boards as flipchart paper. The alcohol based ink is dry – erasable on whiteboards. The large ink reservoir in combination with the pointed tip ensures maximum longevity of the stylus. The stylus has a write thickness of 1-2 mm.Product details

Pen holder magnetic

The pen holder is to easily attach your markers on your board. This Pen Holder is magnetic and therefore easy to place on any metal. You always have the markers together and within reach. Available in white, with room for 4 plan and whiteboard markers.Product details

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