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New: Chameleon Mobile & Portable

The aesthetic merits of design are usually determined by the details. With this fact in mind, Smit Visual introduces two new Chameleon products: Mobile and Portable. The stylish and sophisticated design of these mobile writing boards was developed in collaboration with the award-winning design agency GBO.

Chameleon Mobile

This elegant whiteboard is mobile, making it easy to take into any workplace. Particularly in an open plan office, where desks are often not placed against a wall, the benefits of a mobile, standalone writing board are obvious.


Chameleon Portable

The Chameleon Portable is a light weight whiteboard. Because of this, it lets you take information with you, wherever you go. Because the leather strap passes over two sides, the Portable can be hung over the accompanying hanger in portrait or landscape mode.




Product video Chameleon Mobile


Product video Chameleon Portable



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