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Active antibacterial and antiviral whiteboard surface

Whiteboards are products that are used frequently and by different people in offices, hospitals, schools, etc.. Hygiene is very important, especially in these times. Therefore, choose whiteboards with Extra Hygienic Enamel. This unique whiteboard surface is effective against bacteria and viruses, including the current Corona virus.

Designed to eliminate 99% of viruses in 12 hours


The addition of silver micro particles ensures the antimicrobial surface that stays clean and free of bacteria. The surface has been independently tested to ISO 22196-2011 and ISO 21702 -2019 with results of 99% bacterial elimination within 24 hours. And even though viruses like SARS CoV-2 (Corona) cannot generally survive for a long time outside the human body, antiviral testing displayed 99% of viruses on the Extra Hygienic enamel steel were also eliminated after 12 hours.

Which whiteboards have this unique surface?

Smit Visual has created a standard range of whiteboard products that include Extra Hygienic Enamel. The whiteboard in the image below can be found in multiple sizes here. But the most important thing for dealers to know: almost every Smit Visual or Chameleon whiteboard can be fitted with Extra Hygienic Enamel on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.