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New: Smit Visual Work Board

Collaboration in 2021

At Smit Visual, we are confident that physical collaborations will become possible once again in 2021. Perhaps using transparent division screens in early stages. However, later on in the year, we expect to return to our usual way of working. To get the best results from both situations, we are introducing the Workboard.

Versatile and agile

The Smit Visual Workboard is a whiteboard specifically designed for organisations and institutions which use Visual management methods, such as Agile, Scrum, lean or other forms. It is also suitable for departments which work with scheduling, task lists or brainstorm sessions.

In open offices and classrooms, workspaces and desks are often placed throughout the area. Fully in line with the application styles of Agile and Lean, the Workboard is versatile and flexible in use. Place these whiteboards at each desk cluster or create a stand-up meeting in no time with multiple boards as a room divider.

Multiplpe boards can be places together coompactly for storage
Base can be places together at right angle by raising the feet to enable corner configurations

Transparent hygiene screens

As long as Corona measures are in place, there will be a need for transparent partitions to ensure the safety of employees, customers or students in a room. The Workboard has a screen height that corresponds to the average desk height. The transparent acrylic glass model serves perfectly as a partitioning screen to facilitate safe collaboration in the office. Smit Visual Workboard not only helps create safer conditions in the office but also in the hospitality industry and at schools, for example.

Surface optionsEnamelCoated steelAcrylic glass
Garantie oppervlakLifetime2 yearsNone
Screen dimension120x150cm120x150cm120x150cm
Frame materialSteelSteelSteel
WheelsHigh-quality wheels (2 with brake) suitable for all surfacesHigh-quality wheels (2 with brake) suitable for all surfacesHigh-quality wheels (2 with brake) suitable for all surfaces
AssemblyVery easyVery easyVery easy