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Audiovisual concepts

Sound, video and interactivity are becoming an integral part of furnishing conference rooms and schools more and more. We combine high-end interactive AV-solutions with traditional Visual supplies and functional surfaces to achieve the most productive environment possible. Turn-Key projects solutions is what our customers are looking for. Smit Visual is your partner.

Projection on writing surfaces

Project and annotate, with digital ink as well as with traditional markers on one and the same surface. Smit Visual is leading in enamel projection surfaces. Matt hybrid projection is the perfect compromise between a marker and projection board. The surface reduces glare and is dry-erasable with normal whiteboard wipers. Mica projection is a new enamel surface with excellent projection capabilities. A perfect alternative for high-end projection screens. The biggest advantage being that you can write on these boards as well. Matt white hybrid surface mostly finds its application in interactive setting with (ultra) short throw projectors. With the newest type of ‘touch’ interactive projectors one can work with any content as if it were on a tablet or smartphone. Mica on the other hand is the perfect solution for high brightness long throw projectors, practically eliminating a hotspot.

Focus Touch Displays

Focus Touch was introduced by Smit Visual in 2009 being the first affordable LIFD’s on mainland Europe. Meanwhile we have become one of the main brands and leading innovators in touch displays and related products. A complete line of mounting solutions and whiteboard additions adapt the displays for specific applications. Again, interactive annotations and notes with traditional markers complement each other. The common challenge in this field is incorporating the display in existing furnishing and/or complementing it with a traditional writing surface.

Please check out the Focus Touch website for other solution and applications: www.focus-touch.com