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Functional interior design

Functional interior design

Writing and pin board surfaces shouldn’t only be plain functional. These board surfaces can be an integral aspect of your offices decorative design as well. Smit Visual is an expert in combining functionality, shapes and colors in workplace interiors, offices and schools. We combine different functional materials in various colors and possibly even shapes in wall mounted board, partitioning or integrated work walls. Smit Visual will help you turn your room in an inspiring workplace.

(Interactive) Wall solutions

An office or conference room should be functional as well as representative. Our interactive solutions contribute to that. Present and share your information with your customers or colleagues. We can turn every wall into a solid writing or projection surface for marker or interactive use. Newest Projector technology with touch interactivity turn your board surface in an oversized touch screen on which you can write as well. Smit Visual is a leading expert in enamel (hybrid) projection surfaces with features varying from dry-erase-ability to perfect reflection and high contrast. For each setting and application the best surface.

Other surfaces can be integrated in the wall solutions as well; chalk board surfaces, Fabric and bulletin pin surfaces, even printed whiteboard surface. Our local production ensures flexibility and fast delivery.

Color your office

Personalize your workplace and combine colors of pin surfaces into the perfect match. We use high quality fabrics from re-cycled materials in various color and fabric designs. Combine the colors of pin boards, partitioning walls and wall solutions and create an inspiring environment. Use a strong color as an accent tying all the elements in a room together or use complementary or matching pastel colors to create the right touch. We offer a range of 18 standard fabric colors. Project based we can offer our pin surfaces with virtually any color. It’s your choice.

Shape your office

Shape your office is a new interior concept based on pin boards with contemporary shapes and colors to create playful and functional set-ups. Mix and Match shapes and colors and make your personal creation. The Shape Pin Panels are available in a variety of shapes which can be combined in a personal constellation. The bulletin pin panels are composed of natural materials with a pleasant soft-touch surface. In addition, the panels provide a sound proofing effect. Please let us know your personal ideas for your project and we will help you with a custom made functional interior design solution.

Flex your office

In addition to our fixed installations we offer flexible or even temporary functional solutions. Flexible workplaces have become a standard in our fast changing environment. A combination of partitioning walls, mobile solutions and rail systems can help you adapt to changing allocations or applications. Our flex systems are the perfect contribution for events like exhibitions.