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Chameleon Pinning Shapes

A chameleon blends in perfectly with its surroundings by adjusting its colour. Smit Visual goes one step further. Chameleon Pinning Shapes is a new interior concept, based on pin boards with contemporary shapes and colours. Create playful and functional set-ups. Mix, match and create your personal constellation, blending in perfectly with your personal interior design.

Mix, match and combine

The Chameleon Pinning Shapes are available in 15 different colours, as six-squared or round shapes (see productpages below). They are long-lasting, self-healing and robust. In addition, the panels improve acoustics. Please let us know your ideas for your project and we will create a custom-made design for you.

Combine pinning and writing to maximize the concepts of design and functionality. Mix Chameleon Pinning Shapes with Chameleon Writing Shapes: six-squared or round.

Chameleon Pinning Shapes rond 


Chameleon Pinning Shapes: all natural

The bulletin pin surface is composed entirely of natural materials, 45% of which are recycled. The base material of organic cork adds to the natural feel.

How to Order

To order Chameleon Pinning shapes, please see the productpages below or contact us.

Six-squared Shapes:  

Round Shapes: